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Gladiator Defense Instructor


Gunnar McCoy


  • Gunnar has been trained by his Dad from the day he could
    hold a firearm. He has been taking birds, deer, rabbits, anything that comes in his
    path since the age of five. 

  • He is well rounded in primitive bushcraft and building traps.

  • GDG – Intermediate and Advance Pistol

  • GDG – Basic and Advance Carbine/Rifle

  • GDG – Mid Range Marksmanship

  • GDG – Designated Marksman

  • GDG – Advanced Survival

  • GDG – Real World Trauma

  • GDG – Anti-Kidnapping 

  • HDC – Fighting Trauma

NRA Certified Apprentice Instructor for:

  • Pistol

  • Rifle

  • Shotgun

  • Range Safety

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