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Gladiator Defense Instructor


Allana McCoy


  • Allana is a true South paw, but can shoot equally with either. She has been trained by her Dad and the NRA and is a good instructor for young ladies and Women. She has completed the defensive pistol 1 and tactical rifle courses outlined in the NRA marksmanship program. She is a leader in her school and is also a good shooter and hunter. She has been taking deer consistently since the age of nine. Her training will continue and as she also helps out with G.D.G and promotes the women’s program. Her weapons of choice is also a Glock 17 and AR Platform in 5.56 mm.

  • GDG – Intermediate and Advance Pistol

  • GDG – Basic Carbine/Rifle

  • GDG – Mid Range Marksmanship

  • GDG – Real World Trauma

  • HDC – Fighting Trauma

NRA Certified Apprentice Instructor for:

  • Pistol

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