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Gladiator Defense Instructor


Shaelin McCoy


  • Shae has been trained by her Dad and the NRA and is a very good instructor for young ladies and women. She has completed the defensive pistol 1 and tactical rifle courses outlined in the NRA marksmanship program. She is an honor student and is an extremely good shooter/hunter. Her weapons of choice are Glock 17 and AR Platform in 5.56 mm. She is equally adaptable with a bolt gun and has been taking deer consistently since she was nine years old. Her training will continue as she helps out with the G.D.G women’s program.

  • GDG – Intermediate and Advance Pistol

  • GDG – Basic Carbine/Rifle

  • GDG – Mid Range Marksmanship

  • GDG – Real World Trauma

  • HDC – Fighting Trauma

College Plans:  Teaching

NRA Certified Apprentice Instructor for:

  • Pistol

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