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Gladiator Defense Instructor


Dave Holley


David Holley has served in the Uniformed Services for more than 25 years. Dave has numerous combat deployments and overseas assignments to the European, Pacific, and Middle Eastern regions of the globe. Those missions supported the Global War On Terror, Peace Keeping, and the Iraqi Campaign. Dave holds several Military Occupational Specialties that range from Ordnance and Munitions to Maneuvers and Fires and finally to Army Special Operations. He has numerous Military and Tactical Law Enforcement credentials to his credit. He continually seeks self-improvement through a varied approach to gaining new skills to stay relevant in the areas of weapons handling, force protection, and warrior lethality, all in an effort to ensure battlefield survivability. David feels he can never learn everything and the operational environment is dynamic and fluid, it is always changing so one must change and adapt to it in order to successfully operate in that environment. A factor that he prides himself on is his ability and willingness to take the needed time to ensure students and personnel he trains have confidently mastered the skills he is teaching so that they can enhance their personal skills as well. Quality over quantity.

Credentials relevant to Gladiator Defense Group training objectives:

  • Squad Designated Marksman

  • Team Designated Marksman (Train the Trainer)

  • NC Law Enforcement Sniper

  • LE Sniper Leaders Course

  • Combat & Expert Infantryman

  • Military Mobile Force Protection

  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operator I

  • Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer

  • Military Combatives

  • S.E.R.E. & Personnel Recovery

  • Jungle Environment Survival Training

  • Anti Terrorism & Dynamics of International Terrorism

  • Airborne & Air Assault

  • Navel Expeditionary Warfare  Qualification

  • NC Carry Conceal Handgun Instructor

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Rifle Instructor

  • NRA Range Safety Officer

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